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About Us

We are No Longer Accepting Asphalt Shingles!

At this time we are no longer accepting asphalt shingles. Please check back periodically for any changes.

Welcome to Blevins Asphalt! Blevins Asphalt is one of the oldest family owned paving contractors in the four state area. Founded over half a century ago, we still believe in the commitment to excellence that transformed a small father and son enterprise into the industry leading corporation we are today.

Now in its fourth generation, we carry the legacy of customer satisfaction, quality materials and workmanship, and raising the bar of “industry standard” into the 21st century. Standing on the shoulders of over fifty years experience, Blevins Asphalt offers material sales and construction services to federal, state, and local municipalities as well as private companies and homeowners.

At Blevins Asphalt, every day is an endeavor to provide our customers with quality, value and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve hired the very best. Blevins Asphalt - A history of excellence, when quality matters most.

Our Services

At Blevins Asphalt we offer a wide variety of products and services to meet all of your pavement construction needs.

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